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09/06/2020 Quan điểm của FSC Japan về vấn đề viên nén gỗ có FSC từ các nước như Thái Lan, Việt Nam có số lượng thực tế nhập khẩu nhiều so với năng lực (tính toán dựa trên số liệu lý thuyết)

vietnam wood pellet export to japan
Tháng Chín 03, 2020

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09/06/2020 Quan điểm của FSC Japan về vấn đề viên nén gỗ có FSC từ các nước như Thái Lan, Việt Nam có số lượng thực tế nhập khẩu nhiều so với năng lực (tính toán dựa trên số liệu lý thuyết)

Press Release: Precautions when Using FSC Forest Certification for the Biomass Feed-in-Tariff System

FSC Japan (NPO Japan Forest Stewardship Alliance, President: Takehiko Ohta), which promotes the FSC interna- tional forest certification scheme, has announced its official position regarding concerns on the falsification of FSC-certified wood in wood pellet imports from Vietnam and Thailand destined for biomass power generation projects using the Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) system.


FSC certification has been used by biomass business operators as a means to meet the legality and sustainability requirements for woody biomass fuel in the FiT scheme. FSC Japan calls on the relevant institutions and biomass business operators to properly understand and use the FSC certification. At the same time, to maintain the credi- bility of FSC certification, FSC Japan will collaborate with the FSC International Secretariat (Germany) and Assur- ance Services International (ASI), an independent organization that monitors the integrity of FSC certification to undertake necessary investigations into the wood pellet supply chain.


Recently, it was pointed out that the volume of certified wood pellets imported into Japan and South Korea far exceeds the production volume estimated from the area of certified forests, leading to allegations of FSC certifi- cation fraud in wood pellet imports from Vietnam and Thailand. However, because the FSC certification system allows for the mixing of other material that does not originate from certified forests, a discrepancy between the estimated certified wood production volume and the amount of imported certified pellets does not necessarily indicate that certification fraud has taken place. It is possible that the situation may have arisen due to the fol- lowing practices, which lie outside the FSC certification system, rather than the actions of FSC certificate holders:


■The unauthorized trade of certified materials by entities that are not FSC-certified (non-certificate holders) The trade of certified materials by non-certificate holders is itself considered false claim of certification. How- ever, unauthorized transactions of “certified” wood can occur if the parties involved lack knowledge and a proper system of checks. Should a false claim of FSC certification be found, FSC will take legal action due to the trademark violation. Still, FSC has only limited authority to investigate and control transactions outside the certi- fication system, and investigations of FSC certificate holders will have only a limited effect on controlling wrong- ful practices. For this reason, we ask for understanding and cooperation from biomass business operators and FiT scheme owners to effectively tackle this issue.


The inappropriate use of FSC Mix biomass in the FiT system


FSC certification identifies forest products made from materials that contribute to the sustainable use of forests and provides reliable certification labels for consumer products. FSC certification was not designed for either bi- omass power generation or for legality verification for the FiT scheme. FSC certification and the FiT system differ in both material category definitions and material handling methods. The mix of materials allowed in FSC certifi- cation is not necessarily acceptable in the FiT scheme, which demands that materials in different categories are handled separately. To properly use FSC certified material within the FiT scheme, it is crucial to have a clear un- derstanding of both FSC certification and the FiT scheme, as the improper usage of FSC-certified material can lead to confusion regarding both the content and origin of the material.


For example, under FSC certification, woody material from construction waste that meets the defined require- ments is classified as “post-consumer reclaimed material”, which is then treated as being equivalent to wood from FSC-certified forests. However, the FiT system does not allow for the treatment of construction waste as forest-based wood fuel under the “general woody biomass” category, and sets a lower purchase price for con- struction waste than “general woody biomass”. Post-consumer reclaimed material can be used to produce FSC


Press Release












また、指摘されているFSC認証偽装の可能性については、FSC認証制度では管理木材、回収原材料、中立原材料等、認証林に由来しない原材料との混合も認められているため、認証林面積から想定される収穫量を上回る量の認証ペレットが輸入されていることが必ずしも認証偽装や不正取引を示すものとは言えません。しかしFSC認証取得者による不正の可能性については、FSCの信頼性を脅かすものとして、FSC認証内における不正を調査する役割を担うFSC本部サプライチェーン・インテグリティチーム、認証機関を監視しFSC制度の信頼性を守る独立機関、Assurance Services International (ASI)と問題を共有し、適切な調査が行われるよう今後も努めていきます。

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